ZERO SILENCE – Trailer on Vimeo

ZERO SILENCE – Trailer on Vimeo

“Zero Silence is a documentary about young people in the Middle East who have grown angry over the authoritarian regimes they live in. These young people are using the Web to bring about change in their societies where free speech is controlled or censored.

Among other topics, the production will explore the impact of the Internet and non-traditional media such as social media and whistle-blowing sites on the Arab world and beyond through a new generation that uses the Web to get the free word out to organize, mobilize, collaborate and fight injustice.”


Bachmann blames Obama for Arab Spring | Strange Bedfellows — Politics News –

Bachmann blames Obama for Arab Spring | Strange Bedfellows — Politics News –

Apparently Michele Bachmann’s conception of democratic freedoms is predicated on the notion that despotic regimes are good as long as they are unquestioning allies of US interests. Labeling the perceived weakness of an American president as the primary cause of a transnational movement across the Arab world, she strips local actors of their agency and individual autonomy. That Bachmann has cast a negative signification upon the desire to rise against 30+ year presidencies and sham democracies is an unsettling sentiment from a presidential hopeful, and an apparent advocacy for American Imperialism: Strong US president= Strong local dictators; Weak US president= indigenous movement for human rights and democratic freedoms.

However, regardless of Bachmann’s sliding popularity, such thoughts are reflective of long standing US foreign policy. Namely, oppressive dictators who support US interests are “forces for stability and ‘democracy,'” while forces who attempt to free themselves from this domination are ‘brigands,’ ‘savages,’ and ‘insurgents.’ The freely elected representatives of a population who are apprehensive to sacrifice national sovereignty and human security to US demands are “Evil Doers.” Really, as confusingly simplistic Bachmann’s categorical signification: Arab Spring=Bad, may be, it is nothing new. There is frustratingly little new about neoliberalism or neoconservativism.