This thought is under construction…

The following pages are an assortment of images of street art taken from my vagabondage. Together they are part of an unfolding discourse on symbolic power and the semiotics of resistance. For the time being please be patient that the images will speak for themselves without the translation of my analysis. You are invited to comment with your own translation.

We are all constant translators in the phantasmagorical discourse called ‘symbol, thought, action.’ The links will take you to a series of images: abstract assortments of color and form. Their signification rests on the perceived relevance or meaning we attribute to them in relation to other socially and politically ascribed symbols cohabiting the social space. As much as Barthe has famously offered his readers a bouquet of roses, I propose these images to begin a discussion on signification, art and resistance.

A view from somewhere…

Central America





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